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Paint makes a tremendous difference. Could your interior benefit from a painting project? Now is the right time. Perhaps you are planning for re-sale…or re-painting the apartment…or sprucing up because you want to start the new season right. Schwering Painting & Restoration will give your home a beautiful new look.

Owner onsite at every job

Attention To Detail

Owner Tom Schwering, on-site at every job, takes pride in building relationships with his clients. “They enjoy having us here and often say they will miss us when we are gone,” says Tom. “We have even been invited to client’s Thanksgiving dinners.” Tom attributes our company’s success to our attention to detail and to the solid thorough prep before we even apply paint.

Tom begins by meeting with his client and making sure that he understands the client’s goals. Preparation is extremely important. Cracks and nail pops are carefully dug out and the area is spackled in layers, rather than in one thick coat. Sanding is then carefully done to match the existing surface so previous flaws cannot be detected. The area is caulked, primer is applied, and the new look is completed with two topcoats of exterior or interior finish. Tom uses a high-grade products, noting that top-of-the-line products give you an outstanding finish that lasts longer.

"We have even been invited to client's Thanksgiving dinners."

No job is too big or too small

Schwering Painting & Restorations commercial clients include John Kennedy Ford Dealerships, Royersford United Methodist Church, Asbury United Methodist Church, St. Francis of Assisi, Jefferson Presbyterian Church, and Springford Country Club. The company has also done work for many area builders, contractors, and interior designers.

Residential and commercial clients praise Schwering Painting & Restoration’s quality work at reasonable prices.

"We operate with integrity, our work is our reputation and our next job."
Tom Schwering, Owner

There are many painters out there but there are few that do a great job. Clients agree that Schwering Painting & Restoration is one of them.

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